24 reasons why to wear white and white and white again this season

White stands for new beginnings.
White is like a blank canvas- ready to be painted on.
White is like a clean crisp sheet- ready to be making yourself comfortable for the restful night to come.
White is like an empty page in a notebook- ready to be written on.
White is like a backdrop of all the wonderful colours […]

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Rose Quartz and Serenity

On my way to drop my children at their school every morning, I happen to pass two newly built houses. This fact in itself is nothing spectacular. What caught my attention right away here though, and what I find very unusual, are the colours these new houses are painted: periwinkle and rose I would say. […]

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Mood boards

Resolutions, new beginnings, goals and fun

Hello, and a very mindful, fruitful, gorgeous, wonderful, inspiring and of course colourful NEW YEAR to all of us.

I am not big with new year resolutions, never have been  and probably never will be. A new year in the calendar is a new beginning, yes, no doubt about that, but […]

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Oranges, tangerines and meet ups

Here in Greece, where I recently re-located to once again, orange trees are often seen growing in the streets and definitely there is a good produce of this citrus fruit in various areas of the country.  My children love the freshly squeezed glass of orange juice I put in front of them every morning and […]

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Marsala is not only a dry or sweet red wine from the city of Marsala in Sicily, no, Marsala is THE colour of the year 2015 (by pantone), ladies. ( I used the name Marsala three times in one sentence.  I really love the intense sound  of that word).

So what  kind of a colour is […]

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